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Disruption 101: A Masterclass in Disruptive Thinking

The context for Disruptive Thinking

Rules are being broken across all sectors

Upstarts can grow to overtake established players. Niche players can find mainstream appeal. Companies can stretch to quickly dominate territories they have no history in. Consumers have more information, more of a voice and more power than ever before. It is possible that someone tinkering in their bedroom has the technology, product or idea to eat your lunch.

Technology is taking over the world

Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things, Digital Disruption, Robotics, AI and Machine learning, Block Chain … all forces that effect every business, every role and every industry.

And, as we well know, it’s well underway: Driverless car pilots are happening, 3D printing is live, Personalised manufacturing is being trialled by savvy companies building new tech & every sector and every industry from fashion to insurance, banking to energy, recruitment to HR is being reinvented or revolutionised. FTSE 500 Companies are using AI to find talent, insurance companies are using big data and IOT to detect potential damage & signal issues before they happen, predictive analytics is being used to predict crime and cryptocurrencies are just getting started.

Why do we need to think Disruptively?

What’s crucial now is not just to be aware of what’s happening, but what's relevant for you in your industry, sector and even your role, and how it could impact your business or organisation in both known and surprising ways. Also important is to decide what bets to place, how to structure bets big and small into the organisation, dealing with risk and how to navigate and indeed lead in territory that is being shaped as we move.

The ability to not only conceive of and consider disruptive possibilities, but to plan them in to the organisation, is crucial to navigate in the face of unknowable change. Our simple but powerful mindset shifting thinking tools will put leaders into the driving seat as they work with changing forces.

What we offer:

A Masterclass - 2 hours of provocation, stimulus, & creative exercises in disruptive thinking

As we know change is a constant in business, but today we’re seeing things we once thought of as fantasy, as a daily reality. And it's speeding up!

Key questions are: What does this mean for you? And what could or indeed should you be doing about all of this to help disrupt, upgrade or even re-invent your company 2.0?

In the session we’ll share some theory on disruption, provoke your thinking about technology that will transform your industry or job role, and what this could mean for you, introduce stimulus to get brain cells open and attuned to disruption.

Then we’ll share the tools, techniques and step by step process that shows how easy it is to think ‘disruptively’. Ending with some engaging exercises developed to push the group to think beyond the current reality and select some scenarios to act on straight after the session with some tangible actions to implement and a series of future visions to work towards.

We’ll share and discuss provocative possibilities based on things happening today inside and outside your industry and things that may happen tomorrow - and crucially what you could be doing about this given this new thought process.

Having run 300 + leaders within one of our major FMCG clients through this learning module globally with great feedback and actions and being one of the highest rated sessions at their Singapore Leadership Conference (rated higher than the session by Harvard Business School and sessions run by the 'big 4' disruptive companies) we know this session is guaranteed stimulate, provoke and create tangible mindset change within even 120 minutes - providing new thinking and a whole host of actions to test and deliver on. 

Contact bhanita@lab-innovation.com to learn about outcomes and more about this high energy, fast paced, and stimulating learning module that creates real mindset change equipping leaders to navigate in rapidly shifting territory.

We look forward to hearing from you!