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LAB LOVES Social Design! “Sitting at different angles around the table can change things.”

So many creative ideas are sparked off at the dinner table.  And yet it’s only recently that we have started to see table designs that really consider their facilitative potential. With this in mind we fell in love with ‘The Body Table’ spotted in Droog design in Amsterdam. Designed by Atelier Von Lieshout the table is inspired by the shape of a woman’s torso and designed to enable people to sit at various different angles, allowing different types of interaction. We think it should be standard equipment in any creative space. Even in restaurants. Imagine the rich conversations that would follow if you sat down to lunch or dinner at one of these every day! One of a limited edition of only 10 you’d have to get in quick if you want one. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for seeing one in the permanent collection of the Museum Boljmans Van Beurnigen in Rotterdam.