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Waitrose drives growth with retail innovation 'The Kitchen' - StoreLAB project comes to life!

Recognising the shifting dynamic in retail Waitrose approached LAB to partner on a project to drive growth by bringing credible food service in store.

In a series of projects from strategy to stimulus, from ideas to execution and with agile live trials and capability build - the storeLAB team led by Bhanita Mistry-Russell & Simon Byerley rose to the challenge with a top team of food & food service experts, space design experts, store partners, designers, visualisers, food writers and innovators. It was intense, agile, fun, fast and furious and the work is bringing customers in store for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Since opening last month, the Waitress CEO Rob Collins said the new proposition has attracted a healthy spread of trade, around half of which comes at lunchtime, with the remaining 50% of sales split evenly between breakfast and dinner. A nice way to drive growth!

See the results - the first public announcement by the incoming Waitrose CEO in the Barbican store here


And check out the process and the case study here.

With special thanks to the storeLAB team: Simon Byerley, Clare Flynn, Emma May Morley, Rob Curran, Sarah Myles, Rosie Frost, Meg Price, Sarah Dryden, Hollie Francesca Bradbury & Wout Vergauwan. Watch this space for more roll outs.