We help clients see new possibilities and paradigms, navigate change, innovate, and grow in changing times.



Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking

it's no secret that we're going through a time of rapid change. Some are calling this the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Jobs are uncertain, upstarts are overturning established players and new skills, approaches and ways of working are fast overtaking the old. The ability to think disruptively and navigate in uncertain times is a key skill - whatever your role, level or ambition.

Our Disruptive Thinking modules ensure you are equipped to imagine the possibilities and fully engage with what this means for you.

Disruptive thinking offerings include:

Disruptive thinking 101

A 90 minute learning talk taking you through what: is changing, what this means, definition of disruption and some tools and techniques for how to think Disruptively. This module is a mindset change that participants have told us immediately changes the way they think & instills a disruptive practice as a habit.

Future Hacking

We don't know what will happen, but we sure can make some guesses. This is a two day workshop where we look at your market through many lenses and perspectives. Applying disruptive thinking and future scenarios together we imagine many potential futures, your role in these and where you might consider placing some bets to stay ahead of the game.