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Sejal Parekh

A 360 degree brand communications thinker with a strong strategic approach.

Sejal is a marketing talent, who is fully up to speed on the fluidity of the communications landscape today and the resulting implications for brands. She brings a wealth of experience, across platforms, geographies, sectors and company cultures, with a specialism in how to make people, products and services better engage with one another for mutual benefit.  

Having spent the past 10 years working with agencies, big brands and start ups from Sainsbury's, BBC, Astraeneca, Everyclick, Serve Represents, she is passionate about the total communications package, going deep, and persuading brands to be more holistic in their approach and more curious about their customers and consumers. Having honed her skills in a shifting communications landscape she works instinctively and effortlessly across internal and external communications; across events, physical environments, digital environments, social media, and new product and service offerings.  

Sejal is passionate about workplace culture, and has studied closely the role of working environments in unlocking innovation and producing creative and happy people. She believes strongly that workplaces are a key medium through which companies communicate, and a key way for bringing to life brand stories and values.  As such she was the Director of a workplace design company for 4 years.  

As someone with a clear point of view about the future of work and work spaces, company values and how to deliver value and the role of entrepreneurialism both inside and outside corporate environments Sejal has contributed to several books including 'Culture Shock: A Handbook for 21st century Business' and 'Mash Up! How to use your skills to give you an edge, make money and be happier.