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More competition meant a new approach was needed, even for 'state of the art' tanners ECCO leather.

To counteract the dual impact of increasing global leather supply due to growth in the meat industry (leather is a by-product) and competition from synthetic, technical and traditional materials, Panos Mytaros, President of ECCO leather partnered with lab to help innovate the leather business to appeal to new customers.

With: rigourous data analysis, customer, end user, industry and technical insight, inspiring process design and by spotting and helping plug capability gaps we were able to support:

Technical innovation

A pipeline of technical innovation concepts briefed into R&D.

Insight and concept development

Tools for insight capture, product development based on customer understanding, trend forecasting capability and the introduction of concept creation.

Brand strategy and DNA

A clear distinctive brand position, target focus, proposition and design philosophy to create internal focus and attract the right customer groups.

Collaborative design

A unique design process enabling technicians and designers to work together from concept to finished article. Tthe hotshop' is now attended by designers from the worlds most prestigious brands.

Strategic partnerships

Collaborations with leading leather innovators inspiring the fashion industry and showcasing capability to key influencers at london, paris and amsterdam fashion weeks:

  • Todd Lynn – rock and roll designer
  • Iris van Herpen – fashion innovator
  • Rachel Freire – edgy costume designer

Today ECCO leather are known for their progressive approach to leathercraft, attracting a high end customer base, creating value and pushing forward technical and design capability. They are also helping inspire the leather revival.

"We always had many ideas, working with lab helped us to find a way to organise, structure and focus our creativity. The process is inspiring and fun, generating even more ideas that we can deliver."

Panos Mytaros, President, ECCO Leather