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Leadership in a changing world

Wavelenth brings together top corporate leaders with leading social innovators to inspire, stimulate and learn from one another, and to challenge each other to be better. The membership cohort and study programme include a who’s who of global innovators from Zappos to Apple, Divine Chocolate to the Grameen Bank. Each year Wavelength brings together a mixed cohort of 70 leaders across industries and sectors to participate in a 12 month program of stimulus, learning, external engagement and provocation around all aspects of change. 

For the Connect Programme we were proud to work with the Wavelength leadership team to help structure, define, co-design, co-host and co-facilitate a year long programme of leadership masterclasses, best in class visits and events to inspire, engage and connect the 70 participating leaders drawn from high profile public, private and entrepreneurial organisations with one another and host organisations - and consider the key features of leadership in times of change.  

The 'Connect' programme is an established and prestigious ‘invitation only’ 12 month deep leadership development experience.