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Stretching the BAFTA brand
into video games

Having decided to stretch the brand into video games BAFTA brought in LAB to work with the video games committee to define exactly what its’ contribution to the video games industry should entail.

Working with some of the key industry players we helped BAFTA define their purpose, role and contribution, and to formulate their approach, distinct from film and television.

Vision, purpose and goals

LAB worked with the BAFTA video games committee to define its vision, purpose and goals as well as its contribution to the industry, the role it will play and how it will support, promote and influence the industry .

“Really integrating games into the fabric of the academy is a major challenge and LAB helped BAFTA’s games committee to clarify its vision and purpose and to set some ambitious strategic goals."

Anne-Marie Flynn, Head of Awards
British Academy of Film & Television (BAFTA)

The impact of BAFTA in supporting the video games industry is clearly apparent with profile in the video games industry. Many of the goals and initiatives set by the initial committee in progress with many already achieved.  Good one BAFTA!

What the BAFTA games committee said about working with LAB

“Inspirational! Leading to a common goal and understanding.”

Ian Livingstone, creator of Tomb Raider

“Well run, with a great final outcome – feels like we have a clear way forward.”

Andy Nutall, Games Development Manager, Sky

“Hugely beneficial, and fun.”

Rob Saunders, Senior PR Manager, Nintendo UK

“Covered goals well”

Kevin price, COO BAFTA

“Very ‘encouraging’ facilitation, thank you!”

Paul Jackson, Chair of the Games Committee / Director of Elspa

“Effective focussed.  This is something normal committee meetings don’t allow time for.  Many thanks.”

Martin wright, Game Lab

“I think the committee is likely to cohere and work together more effectively now.  High fives.”

John broomhall, Audio Director

“Excellent, moved along well, got us to think, got to the outcomes. Tick in the box.”

Mike Rawlinson, Managing Director Elspa

“Been through many of these and I think you handled it with skill and grace.”

Ray Maguire, Senior Vice President / Managing Director SCE UK)

“Enlightening, effective.”

Sanjay mistry, Worldwide Graphics Trainer, Electronic Arts

“Positive, eye opening, informative and productive.”

Kelly Smith, Awards Officer BAFTA

“I’m normally very sceptical about these processes, but this was very useful to get people to think outside of the box.”

Miles Jacobson, Managing Director Sports Interactive