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Supermarket grazing strategy & store trials.


Supermarket grazing strategy & store trials.


The challenge:

Help make our stores more engaging, and let's develop an agile way to test & learn fast, that can roll out across the business

Recognising the changing dynamic in retail and the need to further engage customers in store Waitrose approached LAB to help refine & articulate a clear and cohesive grazing strategy that all store areas could work from, a bundle of creative ideas for each store section to bring the strategy to life & create a process with real live trials to test & refine the ideas, while building internal capability to trial experiments and learn & adjust fast.


From stimulus to strategy and strategy to ideas

Working with a cross disciplinary top team including the Head Chef, Heads of Retail, and heads of each section from Bakery, Deli, Wine, LAB ran a series of stimulus visits of London's most engaging retail spaces - with talks from store managers and an exclusive behind the scenes peek into key operations. Visits included: Box Park, Burberry, Rapha, Apple Stores & Top shop and others. The Store LAB team identified the key elements of engaging retail, articulated a clear grazing strategy for Waitrose across the whole store and within each section, and in a 2 day creative workshop with visualisers and retail experts, food & culture experts and the LAB innovation team we came up with ideas to bring these experiences to life.


'Fast and Furious' agile store trials

Working with store managers, project managers and in store colleagues the LAB team led by creative director Simon Byerley worked with the client to design and run 'Fast & Furious': A 3 day build, test, learn and iterate process working live in store, with formal and informal customer feedback, expert feedback & overnight refinement and iteration.  It was energising, exciting, super productive and exhausting, but at the end not only was there excitement among store colleagues around the new processes, but also hundreds of engaging ideas tested and learning gathered, and a fun way to embed into the organisation a clear way to keep improving the stores live on a regular basis. Strategy, ideas, process and capability build in one go!

Check out the Fast and Furious process and what our clients had to say about it here:

"If I was to summarise this process, it would be about: fast, excitement & energising." Jane, Head of Store Innovation, Waitrose.