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Bhanita Mistry-Russell

An innovation practitioner, strategist, and master facilitator.

Setting up LAB Bhanita wondered what it would be like if someone were to bring together creators, visionaries and experts across company borders to crack innovation challenges in quick hit projects, much like making a film. Now she knows! Blessed to have access to a fantastic network Bhanita handpicks practitioners to suit each project, ensuring a great mix of expertise, fresh eyes, chemistry and power to contribute.

As an innovation practitioner and creative facilitator Bhanita has done everything from: leading the invention of a hit magazine with a 250k+ weekly circulation in a 6 week process to directing a future energy project for a global energy provider, working with their top R&D experts to define the big bets to be made, resulting in the creation of a renewable energy division with a £2bn investment.

Recent impact includes:

  • working with a major supermarket retailer to define their 'grazing' strategy and execution,
  • working with a global problem solving organisation in designing their problem solving process and toolkit to harness the brains of global experts,
  • helping invent a new accessories brand, design language and retail environment to become the fastest growing part of an established business 
  • working with San Francisco biotech company and a major multinational to determine partnership and collaboration opportunities to boost sustainability across the business. 


Early in her career she spent 5 years immersed in brand development with P&G, Johnson & Johnson and Danone at Saatchi and Saatchi and Soho Consultancy AVision. She pionneered new product development processes, launching Actimel and Benecol across Europe. She devised the 'Masstige' strategy for Olays 'Total Effects', defining a global platform for premium product innovation and creating a whole new segment for beauty care that set the path for Olay to grow into a billion dollar business . She also led strategic thinking for award winning campaigns for the Gun Control network, leading to the banning of 2.2. handguns in the UK and for the MS Society, increasing awareness, funding and profile.

At ?Whatif! for 6 years, leading innovation and culture change projects she has trained the Northern Ireland Civil Service and the McKinsey partners on creativity, facilitation and innovation. She has worked with board-level teams to define their company vision, values and behaviors for changing times. She has visited and facilitated learning at some of the worlds most innovative companies from Apple and Xylinx to South West Airlines, uncovering the habits and practices of game changers. And she has co-designed and co-hosted leadership master classes, 'Best in Class' study tours and learning events with Wavelength.

She is a lifelong student of creativity, leadership and people potential and believes strongly in social entrepreneurialism, doing well and doing good. Bhanita designed and led the Big Boost Summer School for the UK's top young social entrepreneurs, and is a trained and practicing leadership & life coach, she also mentors and coaches start ups with incubators and accelerators and is part of the admissions panel for the Lisbon Challenge. In her spare time she can be found in a good book shop or an art gallery. She has a secret passion for screenwriting, visual storytelling and graphic novels. In fact she loves all things to do with art, design and popular culture.  She studied psychology and philosophy at New College, Oxford University - and is still obsessed with people and their strange behaviour.