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Blanca Campbell

An international consumer insight and innovation specialist who is also a trainer in both

Being multilingual (fluent in German, Spanish and English) and with 10 years experience in international project work, Blanca thrives on challenging cross-regional and global innovation projects. She believes that the consumer is at the heart of any innovation and that in a fast-changing world we'll never stop learning - finding out what drives people's behaviour and action still gets her out of bed every morning.

Since setting up her own consulting business brave minds at the beginning of 2009, Blanca has run innovation projects for a wide range of blue chip clients such as Unilever, Mars, J&J, Diageo,PepsiCoRadeberger and British Communications Regulator OFCOM. Being an experienced facilitator and skills trainer she has also trained hundreds of Executives around the world in the art of getting to great insight to fuel innovation.

Before brave minds Blanca pent 4 years working as a consultant on international projects for ?What If! Innovation, based out of London and Sydney. Her passion for insights and ideas brought her to all parts of the world and into consumers’ homes and minds, including looking closer at Argentinean armpits, Brazilian street food, Filipino nutrition, Kiwis experience at gas station and Asian attitudes towards beauty. She has worked on a wide range of blue chip clients and categories in a total of 26 countries. And she is still counting.

With a first class honours Master’s degree in Social and Business Communications Blanca kicked off her career in Promotions/Sales and Event Management with Sony, vodafone and T-Mobile across Europe. Branching out into the world of advertising, Blanca has created campaign ideas for the likes of Unilever, Mattel, Heineken and Nestle at Ogilvy&Mather in Barcelona and delivered award-winning strategic and creative work for swatch Germany with her own start-up agency.